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    Completing on October 31st the ‘Greek language learning programme’

    for adults from third country nationals (TCN)




    The Cyprus Labour Institute – PEO is announcing the complete the Greek language learning programme for adult from third country nationals at 31 October of 2020. The Programme began on February 2019 in partnership with University of Cyprus and it is co-funded by Asylum, immigration, integration fund (90%) and Republic of Cyprus (10%).  The courses were part of a broader effort aiming at improving the communication skills of TCNs through the development of key competences in the Greek language. They were focused on simple oral and written communication that meant to facilitate their integration into the Cypriot society and prevent their social exclusion. The Beneficiaries of the project were adults from third country nationals including a)recognised refugees or persons that enjoy subsidiary protection status, b) persons who have applied for refugee or subsidiary protection status, c) persons enjoying temporary protection, and d) persons living and/or working legally in Cyprus.

    The courses were available for FREE to all beneficiaries. The educational material and stationery were also FREE. The beneficiaries were additionally had the right to participate in the supplementary recreational and educational activities of the project. The courses were available at two levels according to the Common European Framework of Refence for Languages: a) Level Α1 and b) Level Α2

    For the courses employed 23 talented teachers. The classes take place in 18 different educational centers in four cities in Cyprus: Larnaka, Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Kofinou Camp for Refugees. The classes that ran were 47 but the number of the completed one is 37. In these 47 classes they joined 600 students from 20 different countries. 

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