All Applicants are requested to provide apart from their Application Forms, photos of their Confirmation Letters, or their Alien Books ( covers and inside pages ), or their Identity Cards ( both sides).


tel: 22877673


Form for the Participation of Third Country Nationals in Activities Implemented in the Framework of the Project:“Greek Language Learning Courses (for adults)”

hereby apply to participate in the Programme entitled “Greek Language Learning Courses (forAdults)”, whichis co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fundand the Republic of Cyprus.

I hereby confirm that I was informed of the possibility that my data, which is included in this Form, as well as the documents I have submitted to the Final Beneficiary, maybe used for purposes of verification and audit of my eligibility in the co-funded Programme by the Responsible Authority (European Funds Unit - Ministry of Interior), as well as by other audit institutions such as the Audit Authority (Internal Audit Service) and representatives of the European Commission.

The verification and audit are carried out in the context of exercising audit authority to the Final Beneficiary, i.e. the Cyprus Labour Institute – PEO and the University of Cyprus.