The Project

The project pertains to the organisation of Greek language courses for adult third country nationals (TCN). The courses are part of a broader effort aiming at improving the communication skills of TCNs through the development of key competences in the Greek language. They are focused on simple oral and written communication that mean to facilitate their integration into the Cypriot society and prevent their social exclusion.

Timeframe of implementation

February 2019 – July 2020

Beneficiaries of the project

• recognised refugees or persons that enjoy subsidiary protection status,
• persons who have applied for refugee or subsidiary protection status,
• persons enjoying temporary protection, and
• persons living and/or working legally in Cyprus.

The courses

In the frame of the project, Greek language teaching classes will operate in all districts controlled by the Republic of Cyprus in urban, sub-urban and rural areas. Teaching classes will be also available at the Reception and Accommodation Center for Applicants for International Protection at Kofinou area.

The courses will be available for FREE to all beneficiaries. The educational material and stationery will be also FREE. The beneficiaries will additionally have the right to participate in the supplementary recreational and educational activities of the project. Further incentives will be announced at a later stage.

Teaching levels

The courses will be available at four levels according to the Common European Framework of Refence for Languages:
• Level Α1
• Level Α2
• Level Α2+ (preparatory for Β1)
• Level Β1